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Angels Roost, Angels Roost Band, Bronson Slaughter, Valerie Stone, Outlaw West, Country Mu
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Angels Roost is a Southern Rock and Outlaw Country Band with a modern twist. You can just call it KERN RIVER COUNTRY. Moonshiner, picker and founder Bronson Slaughter started the band in 2017. In 2020, singer-songwriter and former commercial studio owner Valerie Stone joined the group. Together they’ve been touring Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada and recently started writing and recording their own original music. Every song is a true story: Car wrecks, gunshots, adventures, misadventures and even a love song or two.

First album coming 2023

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Bronson Slaughter, Angels Roost Band, Lead Guitar Player, Guitar Player, Singer Songwriter
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I’m a guitar player, singer, and songwriter who grew up on the Kern River in the mountains of the Sequoia National Forest. In a town so small it didn’t have a stop sign, there wasn’t much to do except whitewater raft and pick my guitar - and that’s what I did. I got my first guitar at 6 and started playing in bars when I was 13. When I’m not chickin pickin’, I’m moonshining. There are two things I love: making great music and making great whiskey, and that’s what inspired the name for the band. In 2017 I founded Angels Roost. The band name comes from a whiskey term referring to the Top-Shelf of the Barrelhouse, where the finest whiskey is left to age.

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I’m a singer-songwriter with roots in Indiana and Georgia. When I turned 19, I packed my little Honda moved to Los Angeles. I went from a 2 lane highway to 12 lane freeway and found myself surrounded by actors and producers, working on major studio lots. Shortly after, I personally guaranteed a lease on a 5000sqft space in Pasadena and over the next few years I put on the tool belt and co-founded Summit Rehearsal & Recording Studios. 


At 22 years old, I was managing and operating my studio full-time. We hosted artists, producers, and labels from all over the world. I soaked up everything I could, learning first hand by watching and working with some of the best in the business. After 6 years, the pandemic forced the studio to close its doors. It was heartbreaking to walk down the silent, empty halls that used to be filled with music, inspiration, and laughter. 


It was time to find my own voice. I had always put my own music on the back-burner. After 7 year of managing my studio I realized I had never recorded a single song of my own! I left LA with the knowledge I had gained and started writing and producing my own original music. In 2020 I met Bronson and in 2021 I joined his band Angels Roost. So much has happened in such a short time and so many doors are opening in new directions that I never imagined. I’m certain this is the path I was meant to follow. I’m more excited than ever to find my own voice: writing, producing and sharing my story.

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the Riffs & the Wordsmith

We met at a local watering hole called “The Saloon”. After briefly chatting, we discovered that we shared an interest in finding a songwriting partner. During our first songwriting session, Bronson started playing a riff that had been on his mind and Valerie had a page of lines that finally found their melody. Their first song “Fall Apart” came together in less than 5 minutes and the rest is history -in the making. You will find our first song "Fall Apart" on the new album. The intro starts with the original demo we recorded that night. Val's voice, Bronson's acoustic, and a chorus of crickets filling the night. Soon after, they decided to team up. Val joined Angels Roost and they've started writing, producing, and performing their original songs and cover songs full-time.

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